★☆☆☆☆ BELT WORE OUT – OneTwoFit Exercise Bike Review – Cycling Spinning Bike Home Gym

Update after using for a year: There were a few things wrong with this.
For one thing the rubber belt wore out fairly quickly.
The seat grew to be uncomfortable.
And the pedal screws came undone.
Here on Amazon FYI:
I wasn’t quite sure about this because there weren’t a lot of reviews comparatively. Hope my thoughts help others:

My wife has been using one of those “folding bikes” that we got on Amazon (you can see it in the video), but she enjoys standing and “mashing the pedals” on these stationary bikes. So we got this one.
– Super smooth and quiet.
– Stable and doesn’t rock (unlike the other bike she has).
– Very easy to put together compared to other things I’ve gotten off of Amazon. Usually it’s like IKEA! (you know what I mean)
– The squishy yoga mat is nice. Not really necessary, but nice I guess.
– Squishy saddle.
– Fits my petite wife and me (6’1″, 170lbs) when adjusted.

– Heart-rate monitor doesn’t quite work. It’s usually 20 BPMs too high. It’s a decent guide to tell you how hard you’re working, but just don’t diagnose anything with it! It’s not “clinically” accurate.

Overall this rivals stationary “spinner” bikes that are twice the price (believe me, I’ve tried them). My wife is extremely happy with this.

Hope this helps!

Original review from Beau Chevassus, Knok Studio (Media for non-profits), (Seattle nonprofit) Knok.org
From Beau Chevassus:


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